Summer Dubbin’

kb smiling pianoIt’s been an intense summer so far here in Austin. Thanks to everybody who made the last LZ Love & the Git-Rites shows incredible: LZ, Alex Marrero, Nick Lewis, The Finest Kind, Christopher J Edwards, Hole in the Wall, Catastica, Foot Patrol, Flamingo Cantina, and many more. These were pretty emotional shows for me and they were fantastic. I am very excited for what lies ahead for myself and LZ. I seriously doubt that we’re finished working together.

I also had the pleasure of attending my first Kerrville Folk Festival this month. To all my friends over the years who’ve implored me to get out there: y’all were right. Wow! I can’t think of a better way to have done it than loading the Baddass Buick up with guitars, a tent, a cooler full of beer, and Deann Rene. I made lots of friends and shared lots of songs and really look forward to doing it again.

I’m still putting the finishing touches on my new EP, Snapshot of a Fairy Tale, as well as the live video shoot from my new trio, the kB3, featuring Ed Miles on drums and Mark Williams (GumB) on bass and cello. We are quieter and weirder than most of my recent projects are I am seeking out different venues and artists with whom to collaborate. Please holler if you have ideas. I am also planning on doing a tour up to the midwest and back this fall.  I am all ears to any ideas for artists and venues.  Keep cool, kids!







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  1. SilverfoxYemaya Littlestar says:

    You have a warm joyful voice, and great prescense on stage. I really enjoyed singing harmony with you, and Trish for our Sista LZ @ The Flamingo Cantina…. I would love to collaborate sometime with you.

  2. admin says:

    The pleasure was all mine and thanks for the kind words! We shall collaborate soon.

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